Artist Statement

Opening - (detail)
acrylic on canvas
14" x 36"

The organics

After 30 years working from the landscape, I felt the need to liberate my artistic "voice" from the constraints of representational painting. Over the past 20 years I have gradually transitioned to, almost exclusively, abstract painting.

My current work is realized through through the application of multiple layers of transparency, in a sequence of spontaneous events, by which I allow an image "idea" to suggest itself, and the process of the painting to suggest its ultimate conclusion.

By surrendering to instinct, avoiding an over-reliance  upon "technique", I have come to embrace a certain spontaneity of handling that allows me to render a more "immediate" experience.

Color is a potent indicator of emotive content, and it has been my lifetime practice to prefer a certain spectral and saturated range.  

Contrasts and progressions of color temperature, and their equivalents in sensuous form, serve to facilitate the transition to an inner space where, at each moment in time, we will experience an unique state of mind, subject to the push-pull of overlapping, and nuanced, emotions, memories, and provocations.

The purpose of my art is to stop the world, in a way,so that the viewer might pause to reflect upon an image that may facilitate an emotive or introspective or introspective experience.

David Pontbriand 

Sept 2019